The Future of Dental Technology at Covington Dental Studio

Patients take into account a number of factors when deciding on what dental office to trust with their family’s care. One major consideration is how technology is used to enhance the dental care provided, and we’re proud to say Covington Dental Studio has digital advancements and innovative dental technology.

Our team is always striving to better the way we can help patients, progressing our practices alongside the latest technologies for a truly comprehensive approach to dentistry. We’re consistently on the lookout for ways we can improve the patient experience and that’s one of the many reasons why patients across metro Atlanta visit Covington Dental Studio.

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic digital X-ray of a patient's teeth and mouth used for a restorative dentistry procedure

We take X-rays for multiple reasons, but they’re often taken during problem-focused exams or routine checkups to assess the state of a patient’s mouth. The images resulting from digital X-rays show up on the computer within minutes, so we can immediately discuss the results with you. With the use of digital X-rays, this helps us develop a more accurate treatment plan that’s fully customized for you, within a quicker time frame.

Digital X-rays emit less radiation than conventional X-rays. They’re also more comfortable with small sensors placed in your mouth instead of sharp pieces of X-ray film.

This dental technology helps us see more than what’s possible with a visual assessment alone. An X-ray can reveal small areas of hard to find decay, deep cavities, infections in the jawbones, gum disease, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities, and certain types of tumors.

  • Panoramic X-Rays​

This type of X-ray captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jawbones, joints, and surrounding tissues and structures. A panoramic X-ray helps us better screen for oral cancer, view cysts or other abnormalities, identify TMJ issues, and more. Along with that, these X-rays are extremely useful with full mouth restorations and orthodontic treatment planning. 

Our team can see all of the above issues of concern in greater detail, with a full, comprehensive view of the mouth instead of a single isolated image of an area.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral camera in a patient's mouth being used to assist the Covington dentist with a closer look

These tiny digital cameras fit comfortably in a patient’s mouth and allow our dentists to transmit what the intraoral camera sees to a computer screen, where you can then see parts of your mouth up close, particularly areas that may be harder to reach. They help us with patient education by making it possible to explain oral health issues in a way that’s easier for patients to understand with visual help. We show you what we’re seeing during an exam, so you can have a more thorough explanation on your diagnosis and treatment options.

This compact technology is great because of how it gives us a closer look at your mouth. Intraoral cameras are a lightweight, useful tool when considering treatment options, especially if images of the teeth or gums are necessary. We can take all of these images in a less invasive, more convenient way.

Dental Magnification Loupes

Dental loupes worn by a dentist for enhanced detail focus during complex restorative cases

Dental magnification loupes enable dentists to use exacting precision in small areas during complex cases. This version of surgical-grade eyewear has been found to enhance accuracy and performance during dental procedures. The variety of magnification settings allow dentists to focus on details to the fraction of a millimeter. We consider every option that can benefit your oral health, so you can trust that you’re receiving best in class care from top rated dentists who have access to the latest in dental technology.

Dental Surgery Microscopes

Dental surgery microscope used during an operation for mobility and control with micro level precision

Our dentists are licensed oral surgeons who know how to work complex technologies for more extensive procedures. When a surgical microscope is needed, we use specific microscopes made for dentistry. This instrument offers adjustable mobility and control with enhanced magnification abilities and hands-free settings during operations.

Dental surgery microscopes allow us to work on the micro level within the mouth.

Computerized Records

Our office is completely paperless and we’re committed to helping reduce our environmental waste! Covington Dental Studio uses this digital method because it is the most secure and organized option for handling identifiable patient information. Our dedication to both protecting patient privacy and developing a more straightforward way to access information is made possible with computerized records. 

This includes online patient registration paperwork and paperless patient charts.

Electric Headphones

The headphones we offer at our office are noise-cancelling and have been found to benefit patients with dental anxiety during visits. Everyone at Covington Dental Studio wants to help you feel as at ease as possible. Fear or nerves caused by the anticipated noises that accompany a visit to the dentist are one of the main causes of dental anxiety, and our electric headphones help patients relax by reducing the noise around them. You can listen to your favorite music, television shows or movies—simply zone out during the appointment with our comfortable, fitted headphones.

Flat-Screen HD TVs

Our office has mounted flat-screen HD TVs throughout the waiting room and above dental chairs in our patient bay. While you’re getting dental work done, you can watch a television show or movie instead of staring at the ceiling! Patients can also sip on a complimentary beverage while enjoying a television show prior to being called back for your appointment. 

These TVs are multi-purpose because they are also used to display X-ray imaging and other digital photos taken by our dental care technology when going over treatments and results with patients.

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