Oral Surgery

Comprehensive Oral Surgery in Covington

Some dental needs cannot be met with only routine visits and basic at-home care. If you’ve been experiencing extreme pain or issues with your teeth, gums or jaw, you may have cause for oral surgery. At Covington Dental Studio, we can help you with the medical attention you need. Since we’re located in Covington near Alcovy, Social Circle and Oxford, getting oral surgery doesn’t have to be inconvenient for you and your family.

Our practice has licensed dentists and an experienced team who specializes in comprehensive and compassionate dental care for a variety of oral surgery needs. Talk with a Covington Dental Studio team member today if you believe oral surgery might be right for you.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Our practice offers two different options for teeth whitening: an in-office procedure or take-home kits purchased through our office. Both of these options will deliver faster, longer lasting results than over-the-counter brands.

Troublesome Teeth

Extracting wisdom teeth is one of the main reasons for oral surgery. Some people don’t need their wisdom teeth removed, but most people cannot afford the crowding that wisdom teeth can cause. If left in the mouth, wisdom teeth may also cause damage to the teeth, gums and jaw bone. Other teeth besides wisdom teeth may also cause issues and need to be surgically removed as well.

Jaw Issues

Patients who experience popping or stiff jaws, headaches or general jaw pain may have deeper underlying jaw issues. While some jaw issues can be mitigated with physical therapy, medication and other solutions, some situations are severe enough to warrant oral surgery.

Bite Correction

Having an overbite, underbite or crossbite can heavily impact the alignment and function of your teeth. Oftentimes, a mismatched bite can be corrected with braces if the problem stems from misaligned teeth. If the problem lies with your jaw, sometimes surgery is necessary to correct your bite. Correcting your bite can correct issues with speaking, eating, swallowing and even breathing.

Implants and Other Hardware

If you’re getting special cosmetic work done, like dental implants, this process will require dental surgery. Getting dental implants is a relatively invasive procedure involving replacing missing or infected teeth with an implant that’s surgically placed into your jaw. This is a permanent alternative to bridges and dentures that many patients elect to have. Getting dentures may also require oral surgery to correct jaw shape before implementation.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

Patients with oral concerns are encouraged to contact Covington Dental Studio about the possibility of surgery. While we don’t recommend oral surgery as a quick fix for any issue, it can be a viable solution for a collection of situations.

For surgery and sedation needs at our practice, we offer the latest advancements in technology and our dentists hold years of surgical experience. Oral surgery can improve patient quality of life and take care of dental pain. Getting started with your surgery process is simple. Just give us a call at our Covington office or submit our online contact form to begin addressing your dental health concerns.

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