Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Covington

Composite fillings are used to repair decaying, cracked or fractured teeth. If you have a cavity or other dental mishap, the top rated dental team at Covington Dental Studio may use composite fillings to correct your issue. We are proud to offer affordable dental solutions to our patients in Covington, Alcovy, Social Circle, Oxford and surrounding neighborhoods.

If you’re in need of dental correction, we encourage you to consider if a composite filling is right for you. You’re welcome to schedule an initial consultation at our local office to decide on next steps with one of our licensed dentists!

Why Should I Get a Composite Filling?

When it comes to filling cavities and correcting cracked teeth, there are multiple options available to patients. At Covington Dental Studio, we recommend composite fillings for a few reasons. First, they are the most natural-looking option. While metal fillings can be easy to spot, composite fillings are typically a similar shade to your natural teeth. Composite fillings also tend to fit more comfortably with the natural shape of your teeth. While metal fillings are typically very strong, composite fillings are also quite durable and guaranteed to last you up to 10 years. This tooth-colored restorative dental work promises to improve both the look and function of your tooth.

The Composite Filling Process

When you come to Covington Dental Studio for a composite filling, here’s how the process will go:

Prepping for the Filling

First, your mouth will be numbed by a local anesthetic so the dentist can remove any present decay with minimal discomfort. If decay removal requires a root canal, your dentist can also perform this treatment. Your filling will be placed after the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. This process typically only requires one visit to our dental office.

Placing the Filling

Once the area is prepared, your dentist will place the filling. The composite filling will be shaped to fit and shade matched to your tooth. After successful placement, your tooth and filling will be polished to ensure there is no distinguishable difference between your natural tooth and the composite filling.


You may experience discomfort in your newly filled tooth for the next couple of days following your procedure. Avoiding foods and drinks of extreme temperatures can help patients avoid tooth pain. If you’re still experiencing discomfort a few days after getting your filling, contact our office so we can assist you. Otherwise, the composite filling should still allow you to eat, drink and use your teeth for everyday functions.

Cost of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings tend to cost more than other fillings because of the material used. Most insurances will cover the cost up to a silver amalgam filling with the expectation that the patient will fund the remainder. In most cases, the cost difference between composite and silver material is less than $50.

When you visit our Covington office, we’ll go over a more exact estimate of cost based on your individual treatment plan.

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If you’re in need of an affordable filling, Covington Dental Studio can help you find the right solution. This dental work can correct chipped teeth, gapped teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, decaying teeth, or worn teeth.

We recommend composite fillings to patients of all ages and financial situations. It’s a great solution that combines our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. Don’t suffer another day! Give us a call at 678-567-4999 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation.

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